We love beards. The bigger the better. But when you need that clean shave feel, we’ve also got you covered.

Our Gruff shave soap uses similar organic ingredients to our Slab and Wash, but with a few simple tweaks to give you a refreshed face every time you reach for the razor.
We’ve got it available in an easy to store, re-usable tin, so every time you lather up, you won’t make a mess of the bathroom sink.

You'll also notice that when you receive your Shave soap, it may be slightly smaller than the tin it comes in. Don't fret - the soap will expand when you wet it, filling the tin and ensuring you keep the face smooth and the bathroom clean.

*For best results, we recommend using a traditional shave brush & bowl. 

Smells of


- Organic Goats Milk
- Coconut Oil
- Organic Sodium Palmate
- Organic Sodium Palm Kernelate
- Water
- Sodium Chloride
- Organic Glycerin
- Pureact
- Limonene**
- Linalool**
- Citronellol**
- Citric Acid
**Components of natural essential oils

*No Nasties - EDTA + SLS Free
*Made in New Zealand