Billy Goats Gruff bundle
Billy Goats Gruff bundle

Billy Goats Gruff bundle


We took a big dollop of inspiration for our brand from the Norwegian fairy tale, “The Billy Goats Gruff,” first published in the early 1840’s.

The Billy Goats Gruff is a traditional fairy tale about a family of goats that outsmart an evil troll living under a bridge. We see ourselves like the Billy Goats, using simple ingredients to keep the balance of world. We don’t rely on nasty chemicals to mass-produce our product. 

We believe in the simpler the better. Whether it’s ingredient or process, we view our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to soap-making as fundamentally positive.

These simple, organic ingredients are the key to maintaining the world around us, and maintaining a healthier you.

The Billy Goats Gruff pack includes:

  • 1 x Gruff wash
  • 1 x Gruff slab
  • 1 x Gruff scrub 

*See full ingredients list on product pages
*No Nasties - EDTA + SLS Free.

*Made in New Zealand