The Story of Gruff

Life is a rewarding journey with many worthy challenges. In our case, we were challenged by illnesses that touched our families in profound ways. We learnt you don’t need to make it harder on yourself, and if you let a little nature and goodness into your life, your journey will be a richer experience.

So when we spent some time together shooting the breeze and hit upon an idea, we knew we had to try it. Our idea involved getting men to think as much about what we put on our bodies, as we put in our bodies. We believe less is best, but by using a unique combination of organic ingredients, means less doesn't have to be boring.

Protecting the planet is also important, as is protecting traditional quality, made in an honest and simple way. Which is why we make a range of soaps to let a bit more nature and goodness into your life. So you can get clean, smell good and take on the world. Simple.


Max and Nathan




For the Good of Nature

For the Good of Tradition

For the Good of You