Our brand story - why the GOAT?

We believe in the simpler the better. Whether it’s ingredient or process, we view our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to soap-making as fundamentally positive.

We took a big dollop of inspiration for our brand from the Norwegian fairytale, “The Billy Goats Gruff,” first published in the early 1840’s.

You’ve probably heard versions of it before. Differing adaptations place the goats as son, father and grandfather. Others make them brothers.

Essentially, this small family unit is trying to cross a bridge to a new meadow, and find new pastures on which to start again.

However, guarding the bridge to their idyllic future is a large, angry troll. He lives underneath and is so territorial, he eats anyone that tries to cross.

The smallest goat crosses the bridge first, convincing the enraged troll to wait for the medium sized goat, who would make a better meal. When the medium sized goat crosses, again the troll stops him, saying “I will eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner!” But once again, the goat uses the troll’s greed against him, saying the last, biggest goat would make a much better meal.

Finally, the last, largest Billy Goat Gruff crosses. As the troll rushes forward to eat him, the goat summons the courage to charge bravely ahead, throwing the troll into the stream, never to be seen again. From then on, anyone can cross the bridge and enjoy the new meadow with the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

We see ourselves like the Billy Goats, using simple ingredients to keep the balance of world. We don’t rely on nasty chemicals to mass-produce our product. We see ourselves as smaller but stronger.

These simple, organic ingredients are the key to maintaining the world around us, and maintaining a healthier you.