The benefits of goats milk - the natural ingredient in all our soaps

The goat in our logo also link back to the inclusion of goats milk as one of our key ingredients in all our products. So why goats milk? It has long been seen as a great alternative to cows milk, however, we've also found that it has great benefits for the skin also has great benefits for the skin. 

There are lots of great articles out there but the most straight talking is  Dr Joel Axe's and it also has a great summary infographic. Below is a quick snapshot:

The ph level of goats milk is also similar to ours, which allows it to be a lot easier absorbed through the skin, while also being able to fight off infection - so no clogged pores of pimples.

There is also a decent chunk of lactic acid, which works two fold, giving the skin more life and shine and helps kick the dead skin cells that accumulate over time.

Finally, there's also a good dose of vitamin A, giving you overall cleaner skin and a better complexion and thanks to all the fatty acids and triglycerides, it will keep skin supple for longer.

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